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Nana's Frozen Custard.


frozen custard

"Nana" Ivah Miller and her husband, Clayton, opened their first frozen custard shop in Ohio in 1958. Nana was always cooking up good things for her grandchildren to eat and was known for her "original recipes". Her frozen custard was famous because of its smooth and rich flavor. 

In honor of her, Nana's grandson named a frozen custard shop after her when it was opened in Hixson, TN. For many years, Nana’s Frozen Custard was a well known staple of the Chattanooga community - a place for fellowship, celebration, and enjoying life. At the height of Nana's existence, they offered over 40 menu items, each with its own special and unique touch.

Nana’s Frozen Custard closed its doors in 2012, and the building on Hixson Pike remained vacant until Sourdough Cuppa Joe opened.

our Partnership.

Nana’s Frozen Custard is now a huge part of what we offer at Sourdough Cuppa Joe.

Bringing Nana’s items back to the community and being able to serve them right in the original Nana’s location is really special to us, and it has been an honor to be part of the revival!

We use the original recipes and work extremely hard to find the very same ingredients that were used by Nana’s. We partner closely with the previous owners in regard to product development and training to ensure that Nana’s products remain true.

Nana’s had the luxury of using our whole 3,500
square foot building to create and serve their expansive menu. With coffee, bakery, and seating elements taking up some space, we have about 400 square feet devoted to Nana’s products, so our options are selected from some of the favorite items Nana’s offered, which are rotated on and off of our menu for variety.

We currently offer a few of the old Nana’s special items, several flavors of frozen custard which change from time to time so we can offer as many of people's favorites as possible, as well as Milkshakes, Shivers (frozen custard blended with your favorite candy), and our own original Agitatos (frozen custard blended into a milkshake espresso treat)!

We are constantly expanding this part of our menu, so make sure you check back often!

As we expand Sourdough Cuppa Joe in and around the Chattanooga area, Nana’s will expand right along with us! We look forward to serving Nana’s Frozen Custard in more locations in the future.

Nana's Frozen Custard.
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